Acrylic Display Widely Used In Daily Life Now

- Nov 01, 2019-

Acrylic display can be used to display phones,  cameras, jewelry, watch, product description and other lots of products, can make the product look beautiful, but also ensure the safety of goods. This product is convenient to use, low cost, high effect ,and it will help to rapidly improve store image and performance.

Applications: mobile phone shops , shopping malls, chain stores , store experience , image stores , flagship stores , large retail outlets, communications operating room , showcase room.


1 , easy to use, items on acrylic display look great.

2 , better customer experience feelings , allowing guests to spend more time in the store by increase 3-10 times , create more sales.

3 , acrylic display allows to show the quality of high-end products .

4 , reduce labor costs and meet the marketing trend , fully take the design concept into people's life.

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