Acrylic Glasses Display Frame Processing Custom

- Aug 06, 2018-

We usually see the two most common spectacle display devices in the glasses store, one is a large floor display cabinet and the other is a professional acrylic exhibit tailored to the special features of the glasses. And of course, there's a fine - decorated spectacle shop. So the exhibition rack of the glasses shop is mainly to guide customers to find their own products more easily, and the details inside, you have noticed?

1. strong sunlight will make the surface of the spectacles faded and directly affect the durability of the exhibits, so no matter what kind of material it is used, they can not be placed on the side of the window for a long time, especially in the West.

2. The spectacles exhibition rack should keep the spectacles'independent aesthetic feeling, and make the spectacles cleverly layout and reflect each other through artistic modeling, so as to achieve the artistic effect of overall beauty. The display method should be novel and unique, the attention to detail when decorating and collecting ingenious conception, has an irresistible appeal to consumers. Pay attention to certain aesthetic principles, beautiful, generous, balanced, coordination, and can also be appropriate to use some ornaments, and so on, fully using the artistic technique to display the beauty of glasses.

3. In order to attract consumers and make it easy for them to visit and purchase, the opticians shop should choose some rotating display racks, or table shelves to guide customers.

4. According to the consumer's psychological requirements and shopping habits, for the same variety or the same series of glasses display racks should be displayed in the same location. The height of display should be appropriate, which is easy for consumers to watch and enhance the visibility and positive visual effects of glasses.

The details of the spectacle display are not only about how to attract customers, but also the layout of the whole optical store.