Acrylic Organizer/storage Container Cost

- Mar 21, 2019-

Why does Acrylic Organizer/ Storage Container cost so much?


Acrylic Organizers have been favored and loved by many consumers for their beautiful appearance and practicality. Acrylic storage container has good storage performance. Acrylic organizers can be detachable and assembled. However, why is the acrylic storage container so expensive?

1.       Acrylic storage box is made of acrylic sheet. Generally, domestic acrylic sheet is cheaper than imported acrylic sheet, but it is not less expensive than polypropylene. The cost of raw materials determines the price of the acrylic organizer.

2.       Acrylic storage containers are usually made by machine-opening molds. If the acrylic storage container is produced in batches, the price will be cheaper. However, acrylic organizers are generally customized.  Even if acrylic storage box is batch production, it is all made by artificial.

The above two factors, contributed to the important factor of why the acrylic storage container is expensive.