Collocation Of The Color Of The Acrylic Display Frame

- Aug 06, 2018-

The acrylic display rack is the first choice product display prop of the mall supermarket and many enterprises. It is a special display rack designed and made mainly by acrylic board.

Acrylic material has the characteristics of easy processing, good light transmittance and good visual effect. The acrylic display frame made with acrylic sheet is beautiful and crystal clear. It can effectively improve the display grade of the product and highlight the brand image of the product in the product age. Out of the shape and the advantages of the plate itself, the collocation of the color and color of the acrylic display is also very important. A good match can make the effect of the display rack twice the result.

Many purchases are directly supplied by the display frame factory when looking for the display factory, but some of the display frames are not directly produced, especially the customized display frames, one to consider the structural appearance of the display frame, and the other is the display frame related to the product brand. Selection.

Of course, the perfect color of the display is the perfect talent to attract everyone's eye, and the color matching must be based on the features of the goods, such as cosmetic display, the most classic mix of course pink or small fresh color, give everyone a natural and relaxed Feel.

In addition to the unique design, the color of the display frame is also a breakthrough point, different colors make people feel different feelings, the general red, orange, yellow and other warm colors are high brightness, high saturation, more intense can bring excitement. On the contrary, the cool colors such as blue, green, purple and so on are relatively low, which are relatively weak and give people a sense of silence.