Customizing The Display Frame Is The Future Marketing Trend

- Aug 06, 2018-

1. the trend of future retail sales of the display frame.

As with the new retail in 2017, it is designed to make it easier for consumers to shop, that is, take-away, where shopping takes place between shifts of ideas. The concept of the display shelf is also in harmony with this, a commodity display shelf will be the performance of commodities, unique points to focus on the show to the audience. This is an important factor in helping consumers to make a choice. When we use the display to show them to the consumers, we have to say that it is an invisible time to save it. It is not necessary to filter out a large amount of commodity information one by one to facilitate consumers to be the direction of future sales development.

2. the display rack is an offline interactive channel between consumers and goods.

In terms of online interaction, it is not the interaction between consumers and goods, but rather the interaction between consumers and customer service. Because all the information on the line is conveyed through the third party, the seller. There is no direct contact between consumers and goods to buy. Live broadcast, commodity evaluation and so on are all used by others, but as consumers who really want to buy, there is no contact with consumers.

The display rack is a channel for offline interaction, and merchants display their products on display shelves. At this time, goods are within reach for consumers. Is the product good or not? Is it what TA wants and how it feels? This series of problems can be realized simply. At the same time, the display frame clearly displays the product's innovation point, the use method and the application scene on the custom display frame. It uses lighting, LCD video player, audio and other accessories to achieve different functions.

3. custom display rack can meet the special needs of merchants.

For example, the product of a smoker needs to be designed with a display frame, and the merchant wants to simulate the kitchen stir fry to demonstrate the good performance of the smoked fume for the consumer. Traditionally, do we have to set up a kitchen in the store to show off the performance of the lampblack? Of course not. You only need to design a special display rack for the product. On the display rack, you can reserve a groove for smoking.

Look, that's the magic of the display. Consumers can feel the function of commodities through real scene simulation, and businesses do not have to spend too much money on their brains. We've been exploring its functions and uses since we got the display rack, and we've been working to make it more valuable for businesses.