How Does The Spectacle Display Stand Be Advanced?

- Aug 06, 2018-

The display rack of the glasses store is the main prop on display in the shop. When you walk into a glasses store, you can see the frames packed with them. It can be said that the spectacle frame's display area accounts for 80% of the total area of a store. In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, the owner of the optical shop will try to put more frames on the shelves as far as possible. As a senior eyeglass, I can say which one I go to with a pair of glasses is not a lens, but a frame that fits my taste. From this, we know that customized glasses display stand is very necessary for an ambitious optical shop.

If you want to be a showcase with style and taste, you should choose the "advanced" display rack. So how can the display stand be advanced? On the whole, the modeling and color matching of the display frame should be echoed with the style of the shop. In general, the simple and clean low saturation color makes people feel comfortable, and the color matching of the spectacle display frame is not too strong, and the selection of the universal basic color can make the display frame well integrated with the surrounding environment. In style, the glasses of different brands in the cobra store have different styles, and if the use of the brand is likely to make the shop style in a mess, it is necessary for the glasses shop to design a custom display frame itself.

The spectacle display rack should not only display a wide array of frames, but also show the taste and high sense of an eyeglasses store. The best way to show you is to choose the display rack and display cabinet at the same time. Because the display rack is open, suitable for putting some fashionable glasses styles to facilitate customers to choose and try them on. The display cabinet is suitable for putting some big brand new, special recommendation, festival money and other glasses. Such a different display can also help you save time, at least the glasses in the Cabinet do not need to wipe the dust every day; for the customers, the special display way can also highlight the focus, so that it can quickly find the focus in the browsing.