How To Choose The Right Type Of Acrylic Printing?

- Aug 06, 2018-

From the beginning of simple printing with lines and fonts, to the back of simple ink printing has long been unable to meet the growing demand. What people need is clearer images, gradual changes and more obvious printing methods, especially represented by acrylic products. (acrylic outdoor billboards, acrylic table cards, acrylic light boxes, etc.) put forward higher requirements for the printing of products. Then facing all kinds of printing technology, how to choose a suitable printing method for their own products is a headache.

Silk screen printing: that is, screen printing, under the pressure of the brush, ink through the screen, making acrylic surface printed with the same pattern as the screen. Its operation is simple and fast and the price is cheap. It is common in the printing of LOGO and other scenes.

UV printing: a printing method to solidify ink by UV. It does not change color and is resistant to scratching. But after printing, the acrylic board can not be bent. It is often used in some things, such as acrylic billboards and acrylic wine water cards, which are not high in the precision of the product.

Digital printing: that is, spray a layer of oil film on the acrylic board, and then print the technology with high precision. The acrylic plate can be bent arbitrarily, but it is easy to scrape flowers and not resist high temperature. It is common on a number of acrylic billboards.