How To Customize The Display Rack According To The Characteristics Of The Product Itself?

- Aug 06, 2018-

There are many details to be considered when designing the display rack, the core of which is to combine products. According to the attributes of the product, expensive, inexpensive, fragile, easy to fall and so on, it is very important to consider the product characteristics of the exhibition shelf design. How to customize the display rack according to the characteristics of the product itself?

The most common custom red wine exhibits are the landing rack, or the wooden floor display frame, few people will use the wall hanger, because the red wine is packed in glass bottles. When we choose red wine, we will take it lightly. However, some stores have small area. In order to save space, we choose to hang the red wine on the wall. However, this method is not wrong, but it is not good for the customer experience. When the customer sees the expensive red wine hanging on the wall, he won't get it up immediately, for fear of breaking. So, this is a very notable example, warning us to display shelves must combine products. Red wine belongs to fragile goods. It should adopt red wine exhibition rack or wooden display rack on the wall.

Jewelry, as an expensive luxury, usually takes into account the beauty of the display shelf, but it is one of the factors, and the final thing is safe!  Perhaps many sellers will say that the jewelry store is set up in the mall, it is very safe, but the news of the jewel theft is always common. It should give a lot of jewellers a alarm clock. The strengthening of safety measures should also be reflected on the display frame, so we should choose the display frame with the ability of burglar proof, and also have to choose the firm. Material, although acrylic is strong but belongs to brittle materials, many sellers will consider acrylic cheaper, if it is necessary to use this material to choose a thicker acrylic, in case.

The above case tells us that the safety of the product is more important in consideration of the price and material of the display frame, so the display frame should be fully integrated with the product properties so as to ensure the safety of the product in the process of display.