Life Span And Influencing Factors Of Acrylic Products

- Aug 06, 2018-

How long is the life span of acrylic products? What are the factors that affect the life of acrylic products? When you buy Acrylic products, in addition to the price and quality, the life of acrylic products is a concern. The life of acrylic products should be explained from three aspects of material, environment and use.

1, making material: the quality of the material will also affect the life of acrylic products. There are domestic and imported acrylic products. The acrylic products processed by acrylic are made in China. After 2~3 years, it will be yellow and not deformed; and the import of acrylic can be used for 10 years as long as maintenance is appropriate.

2, environmental factors: acrylic products also have a certain requirements for the use of the environment. When the temperature reaches 96 centigrade, acrylic will produce hot deformation, the temperature is lower than 9.2 degrees centigrade, easy to embrittlement, the sun and rain will also aggravate the reduction of its service life, so acrylic products should not be placed in bad environment.

3, use: improper use of the way will seriously shorten the life, for example: if the acrylic display rack above the weight of more than its product, acrylic display rack will be due to load and cause rupture or damage.