The Industrial Use Of The Plexiglass Display Frame

- Aug 06, 2018-

Organic glass, abbreviated in English is PMMA. It is widely used in industry, mainly because of its small density, light weight and easy processing. Organic glass will not form sharp edges when it is broken. This feature makes it popular with automobile manufacturers. If the window glass is made of organic glass, the probability of injury in the car accident will be greatly reduced. In the exhibition rack industry, plexiglass (often called acrylic / acrylic) is also a popular raw material for making display racks. The main reason is that the display rack has high transparency and good color rendering.

The display rack manufacturers in the market can be roughly divided into two categories: batch processing plants and factories designed and produced. The former depends on the quantity, and the latter wins by design and customization.

What industry does the plexiglass display stand use for?

In cosmetics, personal care products, electronic digital products, precious jewelry, wine and other industries, plexiglass display shelves are more popular. One is that the light transmittance of the 92% organic glass display frame is clear and transparent enough to convey the pure and pure sense of the consumer's pure and pure. Second, as a product of modern industry, plexiglass itself has a kind of fashion elements belonging to science and technology and the future, is the only choice of electronic products. Three, the display frame of PMMA is very durable, even if it is outdoors, it can achieve 5-10 years of service life. The four is that the unit price is slightly more expensive than the ordinary wood and metal materials, and the display shelves in these industries are mostly table style, small and delicate, and the cost is not too high. Of course, other industry display frames will also use plexiglass, but as part of the use of accessories.