Three Point Standards For The Quality Of The Jewelry Display

- Aug 06, 2018-

When you choose to buy the jewelry showcase, you need to think about whether you can shop clearly or not, whether you can use it safely after buying the showcase home, or not, in the process of using it, and so on. In fact, to see whether a jewelry display cabinet production project is good enough, there are many criteria to judge, such as the display cabinet description is not clear enough.

From the present situation of the cabinet industry, the jewelry exhibition company is more and more complex, then the customer needs to do it when choosing and judging the quality of the showcase. We have summed up three criteria for distinguishing Showcase production:

1. Waterproof design of the exhibition cabinet: The durability of the exhibition cabinet is affected because the water vapor will damage the exhibition cabinet during use. In order to make the table water not easy to fall on the showcase, the table surface of the good quality jewel will be added to the special water stop design, which is the guarantee that the showcase can be used for a long time.

2, the environmental protection of the material: the quality of the identification of the cabinet also needs to be identified from the quality, the good sheet in the table and the edge of the adhesive is made better. All these materials need to meet the requirements of environmental protection. Among them, the board needs to choose the artificial plate whose formaldehyde emission reaches the standard completely.

3, look at the edge of the showcase: most of the large jewelry showcase making companies are mostly using modern machine equipment. In distinguishing the showcases produced by large companies and small workshops, we can judge whether or not a high temperature and high pressure is used to seal the edges.